I Hate Dating Profiles

by Riley

Oh man.  Dating ads irritate me beyond belief.  Or maybe it’s that I’m already irritated due to ‘certain’ circumstances.

I’ve been looking through ads for the last 5 or so hours (for school) and I swear these people are so lucky I can’t reach through the internet and shake them.  I think I might scream the next time I see someone who is ‘real’ or looking for someone who is ‘real’.  We’re all real people!  Unless you’re saying you’d like to try dating someone besides your imaginary friend.  I know what they’re trying to say, but honestly everyone I’ve ever known who described themselves as ‘real’ was either a colossal idiot and/or one of the biggest game-playing and least genuine people I have ever known.

I also keep getting really irked when I see ads with horrendous grammar and spelling… that are then insisting they need someone who is ‘intllgnt’ or ‘edumakated’ because the poster ‘has’ an American post-graduate education.  I would be forgiving if these people were clearly making mistakes because they aren’t fluent in English (I realize people can receive post-graduate education in non-English speaking countries). However if you honestly received a doctorate from an American school, I’m inclined to think you would probably have enough of a grasp on ‘things’ in general to understand how to use spell-check.

And what’s with all the people who have young children themselves but aren’t okay with a potential partner having children… even if those children are grown?  Unrealized hypocrisy drives me nuts!   Or the women who are okay with a man having young children… as long as they don’t live with him… Not that it’s always the case, but that seems to me like they are LOOKING for dead-beat dads just to ensure more attention for themselves.  Though… I’m sure that probably doesn’t work out very well…

And the 25+ year old ‘girls’ who are still looking for ‘[their] perfect prince charming to come sweep [them] off [their] feet, carry [them] away, and take care of [them] sweetly and romantically ever after.  He’ll be so perfect himself he’ll love all [their] faults without a moments distress ’?  I want to force them to live in a sewer for a month, we’ll see how irrationally uppity and demanding they are after I let them back out…

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crimit classifieds July 15, 2011 at 12:17 pm

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Kellsie August 8, 2011 at 6:29 pm

Dag nabbit good stuff you whippersnappers!


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